InterBase is a  database management system which is relational (RDBMS) presently updated and marketed by Embarcadero Technologies. It is notable from other RDBMS by its tiny footstep, near to zero organizational needs, and multiple-generational construction. It performs on the LinuxMS Windows, Mac OS X , Solaris OS and so on.

A person named Jim Starkey wrote InterBase for his company named Groton Database Systems. The business was afterwards bought by Ashton-Tate, and was further gained by Borland. He managed the software for a short period and then formed an subsidiary of it, which was later rejoined into the original company. It has been selected by a small number of appropriate organizations such as Ericsson, U.S. Department of Defence, stock exchanges and also home banking organizations.

More up to date events in the late history includes the declaration of InterBase 6.0 as an open-source database in the year 1999, the successful publishing of source code to the community in the year 2000, and the marketing of the legitimately certified version of InterBase 6.0 by Borland in the year 2001. Flanked by these events came announcements of the offshoot of a new, independent company to manage consulting and sustain business in adding up to the open-source database. A crew of former software developers and managers formed IBPhoenix, with the idea of sustaining InterBase users. Meantime, autonomous groups of its experts initiated the Firebird open source project to advance and extend it.

It was constructed from the commencement with a newest and strong architecture. Its original instigator, Jim Starkey, made-up an architecture for management concurrency and transactions something other renowned database servers can rarely do even today. It is also called Multi-Generational Architecture (MGA) and manages simultaneous access to the same data by multiple users, who can alter records without upsetting what other concurrent users observe in the database.

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August 20, 2013


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