Some features in PHP help much, especially when there is the need of working with forms. GET, POST and REQUEST are the most used and then we’ll know a little more about each of them.


This collection allows the programmer can get a variable value that often comes directly from a URL. Check out the example below:


echo(“The value of X is “.$_GET[‘x’]);

echo(“The value of Y is “.$_GET[‘y’]);


As WEB languages ​​do not keep this state variable is one way to move a value from one page to another.


Using this collection is possible to obtain data from a particular field and use it in programming, as example below:

<FORM NAME=”form1″ METHOD=”post” ACTION=”page.php”>
Field 1:
<INPUT TYPE=”text” NAME=”field1″>
Field 2:

echo(“First value is ” . $_POST[‘field1’]);
echo(“Second value is ” . $_POST[‘field2’]);

This is one of the most widely used collections in PHP since it is created from whole structure forms necessary for the operation of any type of web application.


This is called generic collection, it is returned the value of the last variable, according to a php.ini setting. Check out the example below:

<FORM NAME=”form1″ METHOD=”post” ACTION=”page.php?x=1″>
<INPUT TYPE=”text” NAME=”txtField1″ VALUE=”Value is”>


What is printed result is that the value “Text Field Value” according to the logical file described above.


These methods are part of everyday life for any PHP developer as well as the development tool of choice. Therefore, choosing the right tool you will use in your development projects. With Scriptcase you has a number of resources that will help you to have much more flexibility in their development process, meet our tool and be surprised.

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