Scriptcase as a PHP RAD tool (Rapid Application Development) whose main function is to create and generate all the application source code leaving the developer focused only on the business rules of their project.

Generally the business rules of a system is taken from the programming, for example, every time a new sale is entered in my system I want to save the name of the user who inserted the sale along with the date and time. To add Scriptcase programming is not necessary to edit the source code of the generated applications, there are specific places in  Scriptcase that allow the developer to add their own codes, they are: Events, methods and functions.

Events: Events are opportunities created by the Scriptcase to allow the developer to enter hos own code, each event runs on a specific time period.

Functions: Functions are used to create small snippets of separate codes. These code snippets can generate a result (what we call functions with feedback) or just run a routine (functions with no return). Its main advantage is to condense a piece of code and make it usable in several different events.

Methods: Methods have the same definition as a function but instead of being available only in a specific application the method is available for every application of your project or even in all Scriptcase applications.

Scriptcase has 144 built-in methods that are called macros, these macros were made to make the developer code entering even more faster and easier.

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