Using security scheme in a project created in Scriptcase the user need to login and get access screens created. This is a property of application settings. Express Edit can help when it needs to implement this item in all applications, using this feature you will optimized time and activity will be completed much faster.

To access Express Edit go to the “Tools” menu, clicking on corresponding button a window will open showing the options as seen in the image below.


Once selected you should check “Use security” option so that this property is altered in all applications or only in selected on the previous screen, according to the option chosen.



After this process check “Yes” on the next screen, as shown in the image.


At the end of the process you will have a report with all the applications changed and with it you can use the security feature in your applications.


Test this and other features of Scriptcase, enjoy, and browse in our blogs to find out what more our tool can do for your project.

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