After the big Scriptcase 9.7 presentation event, we have a new version of Scriptcase for download, and of course, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take a peek at the new features that have arrived. Therefore, I come here firsthand to bring you a complete analysis of all the news that came with this update.

This version has been bringing relevant news to the form, new macros, two-factor authentication (2FA) in the security module, and updates for accessing applications on mobile devices. Check out all the details below:

Wizard form (step by step)

We know that filling out a form is something users generally don’t like doing, especially when it has lots of fields. So, thinking to make the process of filling in information easier and faster, a new design pattern was developed.

So, the Form in stages appeared, also known as form wizard or multistep, which is nothing more than a pattern that enables the user to achieve certain goals through a sequence of stages. Then the user enters the data in each step and proceeds to the next step until completion.

And in this version 9.7, Scriptcase brings this new type of form, allowing the user to divide the fields into several steps to improve the final experience. The form includes automatic validations, FontAwesome support, and even a new sc_get_wizard_step macro for dynamic validations!

The form is available in 4 ready-made templates and has a different layout and interface configurations.

Mobile news!

The new version also arrived bringing important updates for viewing the applications on mobile devices! It is now possible to optimize queries, reports, graphs, and menu applications with just one click! That’s right, in just one click you can enable the automatic optimization option to access applications on mobile devices.

It’s a big step forward in the usability topic. I believe the tool has taken a safe and interesting path, especially when it comes to bringing “modern” functionality to developers. This optimization was highly anticipated by the community! Creating a complex application so quickly and still being able to access the same application on mobile is something really amazing. This functionality, without a doubt, takes Scriptcase to a new level.

More Security with the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

We know that security never hurts. Every day, we expose ourselves to risks on the internet, so we need extra precautions to protect our digital routine. Scriptcase always takes security-related topics very seriously.

You’ve probably heard about two-factor authentication (2FA). In short, two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security. With this functionality, protection against cyber-attacks becomes greater. This is because, with the addition of this process, the user’s login and password are not sufficient to access an account/system, a ‘second factor’ is needed to continue access, this can be something like your fingerprint, verification by number cell phone, email, etc.

In the case of Scriptcase 9.7, this authentication comes through an API that makes it possible to add a second authentication, which can be via Google Authenticator, SMS (Twilio, Plivo, Clikatell), or Email (SMTP, Amazon SEs, Mailchimp). This can all be configured within the security module, which is an automatic authentication system that Scriptcase creates, in a simple and fast way, with several functionalities for managing access and privileges.

Along with two-factor authentication, it is also possible to configure the APIs for sending email dynamically. Before it was necessary to recreate the entire module to change the email settings via SMTP, now in addition to being able to change without recreating the module, you can still use another API to send emails through the system like Mandrill or Amazon. This makes it much easier as these APIs are often cheaper and more efficient.

New Settings for the Refined Filter

Another very cool new feature is the refined filtering of queries, new settings were added, options such as expand/collapse, single toolbar, modal for search, the selection of multiple fields and an option to show filtered items in tags.

With these new parameters in the refined filter of the query, the developer can deliver to their customers a more modern and dynamic filter option. This type of filter is widely used on e-commerce sites, so it is a filter that people are accustomed to use.

New graphics options

This is for anyone who likes graphics and metrics! To generate charts, Scriptcase 9.7 uses a powerful library called “Fusion Charts”. So, it is possible to generate complex graphics with a few clicks, and there are already several types of graphics available in the graphics application. In V9.7 new types of graphs were added that are modern and facilitate the visualization and analysis of the data.

They are:

– Zoomline: Allows the analysis of data in a specific range defined by the user, with this is possible to have several levels of navigation in the line graph;

-Scrolling: Horizontal or vertical scroll bar option that optimizes the visualization of charts with many records. Available in types: 2D Bar, 2D Column, Line, 2D Area.

Overlapping Bar/Columns: Used to visualize two sets of data in a single graph, either bar or column, it is also known as overlapping;

New macros coming out of the oven!

But wait, do you know what a macro is?

Conceptually speaking, a macro is defined in programming as an input pattern that can replace a new output pattern, in other words, the macro is nothing more than an input, most of the time simple, that converts into an elaborate command.

Putting it even further, for example, the command “Control +C” (the famous keyboard shortcut to copy) is nothing more than an example of a macro. Did you understand?

Scriptcase has several special macros that aim to make the development routine even simpler, allowing the user to dynamically handle events, application buttons, security controls, etc. And version 9.7 arrives bringing some very useful new macros that are much requested by developers:

1 –  sc_btn_disabled: to disable the buttons dynamically. Supports Scriptcase buttons or manual buttons.

2 – sc_btn_label: to change the text of the buttons dynamically. Supports Scriptcase buttons or manual buttons.

3 – New parameter “reply_to” in the macro sc_mail_send:used for when the reply has to go to an email other than the “From” address;

4 – The above-mentioned, sc_get_wizard_step to identify the current stage that the end user is in and thus perform any necessary validation.

These were the new features brought with version 9.7 of Scriptcase, what did you think? Share your opinion here 😉

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By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

November 1, 2021


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