On Scriptcase is possible to select personalized libraries to be utilized on applications and work with much more freedom with all the elements that compose the screen. Next, we’ll show you how to see and include libraries directly on a application.

To access the application libraries, go on configuration and access the “Program” tab on the left side. After the selection, go on the “Libraries” option.


When the screen opens, all the libraries options will be available for application and for the project that will be exhibited too. To visualize them, all you have to do is click on the library name and the archive will be open at a new window.

Libraries 2

Libraries 3

After you visualize the archive, select which libraries you want to use. After you finish this process, your application automatically will inherit the methods restrained on the library.

Libraries 4

With Scriptcase you make much more with a lot less! Access now our tool and test this incredible resource!

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