Yahoo runs on php server. Information and technology trade is scaling leaps and bounds in the recent past. It is indeed a lucrative trade to invest your time, money and efforts upon it. Novelty should be there to shine though. Come up with new innovative concepts to excel in the trade. A good example for this would just be the PHP server and its profound popularity in the recent past. Guess for instance who are all following it. What are the most popular websites developed in php? Here you go the list is there for you.

  • Wikipedia : it is the eight most popular websites in the whole world in the recent days, gaining enormous amount of popularity all over the world. It has won numerous awards for its noteworthy services in the information exchange and sharing arena. The true success is made possible with the help of the architectural design of the site. It runs of php server. Not only has this but almost 33 to 55 percent of the world’s websites used the php server.
  • Flickr,.
  • Friendster,
  • Digg,
  • *LiveBid Auctions
  • Neopets,.
  • IstockPhoto

On going through the list, you might really wonder about the fact on how rapidly the growth has taken place for the php technology in the IT industry. The list was a bit old, yes, it was actually the results as per the statistics of 2008, august 15th.  What is the scenario as of today? How big the technology has grown, who are the admirers and who are all the true fans? Lots of questions spark in your brain instantly. As of today the current report for 2013 august, on what are the most popular websites developed in php? That list has to be taken out and it is certain you will be flabbergasted to identify the facts.

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