Many years ago to manage the work performed by an enterprise seamlessly passed far from being a paradise. Using the famous Mainframes, large companies relied on skilled labor in each sector to operate these giants who were responsible for store and track data such as the financial, for example. With the evolution of the industry, this aspect has also evolved and was born what was later called the ERP.

ERP is the acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, the idea is pretty simple. Using the concept of integration, can call ERP any system that integrates and centrally manage all data from various departments of a company. Today ERPs controlling releases from small processes like accounts payable and receivable to more complex ones such as processing payroll and low through database file.

The functional part of an ERP can be seen through two perspectives, one that we call functional, it manages processes within the company and this includes areas such as finance, accounting, human resources, and manufacturing, for example, and systemic approach that focuses mainly needs to support managerial decision making and management of information management.

The market currently offers several types of ERP, each directed to a particular size of company. There are ERPs that are created especially for the needs of a particular company, this happens a lot and most of the demands of project development are of such application.


Developers seeking and ERP program usually highly valued, after all is required a holistic process to make this application work properly also choose a good development platform is essential. Thinking about it is that ScriptCase is widely used in such projects, the ease when creating screens and essential resources for an ERP just making ScriptCase have a great advantage. Learn more about them on our ONLINE Course, check!

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